SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle)

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Join us for our SUP Yoga Workshop & Classes on the Upper Sure Lake.

How about some yoga on the SUP (stand up paddle) ? Sure, because SUP and yoga harmonise as perfectly as yin and yang. 

This workshop consists of a yoga training with Hatha exercises on the stand-up paddle for adults. The exercises (asanas) help relax and stretch the body by focusing on breathing (pranayama). Before the yoga, the participants warm up on the SUP and get to know the material. After a short SUP tour, the yoga class begins on the water. 

Please register as the number of participants is limited.

The course is aimed at adults with previous knowledge of yoga and/or SUP. Participants must be able to swim for at least 15 minutes and have no medical contraindications to practising water sports.

Price : 45 euros per person *Discount if you bring your own SUP. 

Hope to see you on the board soon,

Namaste, John

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