Sunday Morning Sessions

Autumn & Winter Indoor Sessions

After the summer, join us for our weekly Sunday Morning Session @VEDANZA in the heart of Luxembourg City. We propose a mixed Hatha Yoga practice inspired by our Sivananda teachings including breathing exercices, asanas an relaxation.

Everyone is welcome!

Sundays from 10:30-11:30h

Location : Vedanza Studio
18 Rue Louvigny
1946 Luxembourg

Changing Room available on site.

As the space is limited please sign up here beforehand for Drop in  (15€) or choose our flatrate (12€ per session until christmas) and have a spot every sunday.

*Signup Drop In
Possible until sunday morning

*Signup Flatrate*

Happy to have you,

Sarah & John

Photo by @mathilde_magne_makaron_studio  for @neighbour.magazine

Happy to have you,
Namaste See less

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