Yoga Students Feedback

Aarthi: “The yoga sessions hosted by Sarah and John makes your day beautiful. These sessions are held outdoors which adds a charm. The best part of these sessions is that they are for everybody – from absolute couch potatoes to superyogis. The classes makes me feel inclusive and I am not surprised by the increase in the number of yogis every week. 
A little about Sarah and John: They are dedicated, kind and always smiling. They give very clear instructions and I look forward to their phrase “you are already good here, if you would like to try a bit more, you can…”. Great going Sarah and John! Looking forward to the next sessions.”

Chiara : “Sarah and John are devoted teachers offering an holistic perspective to the practice that will leave you invigorated and happy! The classes are accessible to all levels and inspired by kindness, while also giving a sense of progression in self-mastery. Last but not least, their warm and generous personalities set the tone for a very inclusive atmosphere… No wonder the community is getting bigger and bigger! Thank you for your dedication Sarah & John!” 

Ayano : “Sarah and John are very dedicated, skillful and knowledgeable yoga teachers. They explain every posture in depth with great care and kindness. Every class is a sunbathe of positive vibes and cheerful moments.
Blissfully magical.”

Oana : “This is a very nice class with a little something for everyone from absolute beginners to super yogis. I discovered them last summer and from the first moment it felt very invigorating to practice yoga outdoors and be in direct contact with the earth and fresh air. Sarah and John are world travellers and one could feel that they teach with passion and in total respect for nature and people. I always leave the class with a sense of renewal and a smile on my face.”

Nancy & Randy : “Relaxing meditative yoga classes to fill your soul and never leave you….that is what time with John and Sarah will give you. A must for all ages. Thank you dear people for sharing your passion and joy”

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