2020 Yoga Retreat : Return to your nature

4 days Yoga Retreat in a Nature Reserve in the North of Luxembourg
Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, Bonfires, Silent Walks,
Forest-bathing, Massages, Kayaking, Philosophy and more.
Basic accommodation & Healthy vegetarian meals
No specific knowledge required
01-04 October 2020


We are happy to host our first yoga retreat in Luxembourg inspired by the yoga ashrams in the vedic traditions. Located in a beautiful serene nature setting, you get the opportunity to take time off from your busy day-to-day life, and get to enjoy the freedom an ashram schedule may bring to your multitasking mind. We will provide you with approachable ways to connect to nature and your inner self. You will get a true feel for spiritual practice and bring tools home to build a self-practice.
Living and practicing together for 4 days is a truly beautiful opportunity because you get to share with like-minded people, energy collectively supported is elevated with greater ease and you may dive into the power that already lies within you. This will expand your yoga off the mat into daily life, your presence will be more radiating and this naturally affects people around you.
Try something new, give your life a healthy make-over. You deserve your care.

6.00 – 7.00am Silent Walk in Nature
7.00 – 7.30am Teatime & Snacks
7.30 – 9.00am Morning Yoga Session
9.00 – 10.00am Free time
10.00 – 11.00am Brunch
11.00 – 2.00pm Free time & service
2.00 – 4.00pm Workshops
4.00 – 4.30pm Teatime & Snacks
4.30 – 6.30pm Afternoon Yoga Session
7.00 – 8.00pm Dinner
8.00pm Satsang*
10.00pm Night Rest

Misärshaff is originally a Scouts Home and offers very basic but functional accommodation.

Dormitory Rooms or Campground with shared toilets & communal showers are 800 euros (includes all the classes, 4 nights accommodation, workshops and activities, vegetarian meals, tea & snacks) *Small Private Room & Small Twin Rooms available on request.

Misaershaff, an old farm, built in 1833, is situated along the river banks of the «Haute- Sûre». It is a unique campsite and youth training centre and has been the FNEL’s (Fédération Nationale des Éclaireurs et Éclaireuses du Luxembourg) national training centre since 2003. Its remote location, right in the heart of a nature reserve, is perfect for a retreat. Furthermore, on site there are outdoor fireplaces, orchards, kayaking facilities and direct access to the water…

We serve simple, nutritious vegetarian food for brunch (10am), herbal tea with snacks (7am & 4pm) and dinner (7pm). Healthy snacks (fresh fruits,nuts) will be available throughout the day as well as drinking water and herbal teas. Please inform us about any allergies or food restrictions.

Sarah Cattani – Yoga Teacher
Sarah was curious about the world since a child and figured exploring it, in every possible way, would be the right thing to do, and so she did. After a career in art, culture and social related documentaries for television and radio for over 10 years in her hometown Luxembourg, she left everything behind and started her personal journey around the globe. Throughout her journey in India she did her Yoga TTC in Kerala and has experienced the ashram life in different locations around India. She practices yoga since 2007 and has been giving classes and workshops in Malaysia, India, Andaman Islands, Turkey and Luxembourg since 2015. Sarah loves to share her passion and teaches Hatha yoga , Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, Kids Yoga and together with her husband John, she offers Partner Yoga Workshops.

John Taye – Yoga Teacher
John is from Northeast India (Assam) and always dreamed of exploring the world. After many bike rides in different countries in Asia, he finally took off from his hometown and settled in Auroville, an alternative community in South India 3 years in 2013, where he was mainly involved in sustainable and eco-friendly construction, yoga and photography. John deepened his teaching skills in Auroville and is sharing his yoga practice since 2016, but also cultivates meditation, chanting and practices body work like Contact Dance, Partner & Acro Yoga or Mixed Martial Arts.

Isabel Schank -Yoga Teacher
Isabel is a landscape and permaculture designer, development worker and yoga teacher (500hrs Sivananda). She has been on a journey of exploration and transformation since she left her home country Luxembourg out of self care and curiosity in 2002. Living and working in Mexico, Nicaragua, India and Nepal for 10 years, she immersed herself in different natural environments, cultures and attitudes towards life itself, which gave her practice a powerful and profound base, a positive life evolution as well as an immense joy for living. She started her yoga practice in 2005 and teaches classes, workshops and retreats in classic Hatha, pregnancy and kids yoga since 2014. To her, yogic practices provide healing power for the body, mind and soul. While traveling she loves meeting teachers from diverse backgrounds along her studies of mindfulness, philosophy and Sanskrit language. She practices Vipassana and walking meditation for knowledge of Self. Spirituality and devotion grew stronger in the ashrams of South India and Thailand, and in Nepal yoga finally became a life-style. Reconnection with nature brings her true joy and peace of mind, which is the ultimate goal of the practice. Being able to share the journey is true bliss, a peace mission. She especially loves encouraging beginners to set foot on that beautiful path, for life is more full with the wisdom of yoga.

Himal Bajracharya – Karma yogi
Himal is from a traditional newari family and grew up with his father in the buddhist lineage of teachers in the hills of Nepal. He approaches all kind of work with patient skill. He has worked hard all his life as a bike mechanic to support his family and practices Vipassana meditation and breathing techniques intuitively since childhood, as it brings him to his power within to face life’s challenges. He traveled mainly in Nepal Himalayas, on foot and on bike, as he likes adventure and recently moved with his wife Isabel and their son to Luxembourg to explore other cultures and possibilities. He enjoys bringing his skill and passion into cooking and is interested in art and music, especially classic bhajans and new experiences in all aspects of life. He grew up practicing non-attachment and karma yoga in the real sense and loves sharing and inspiring others in the art of letting go. Nature and silence are his preferred environment.

Karen Decker – Forestbathing (Beschcoaching.lu)

Tamara Leuck – Reflexology & Helping Hand


The space is limited.
Participation in the entire retreat is desired. (Arrival Wednesday Evening 20 May & Departure Sunday Noon 24 May)


*Satsang: derives from the Sanskrit words sat (“being,” “essence,” or “reality”) and sanga (“association”) ‘“association with the wise.” Meditating together in a group creates a strong spiritual atmosphere which allows a deeper experience of meditation. In satsang, people of different levels practise together – from newcomers to experienced Yoga teachers. Satsang is the heart of the Yoga practice. It consists of 30 minutes of silent meditation, 30 minutes of meditative chanting of mantras and kirtan and an easy-to-follow lecture on Yoga philosophy or psychology.
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