Yoga Animals

Yoga Workshop for Kids from 6 to 9 years

If you want to be a good yogi, you first have to tame the wildest beasts of the animal kingdom! Turn yourself into a cat to have its grace, into a cobra to be as flexible or into a monkey to have its nimbleness. Uncover the secret of the downward facing dog: why is it doing that?

Sarah Cattani and John Taye offer a playful yoga practice full of poses inspired by nature and the animal world. They will teach the young yogis a few songs to accompany their movements and use traditional musical instruments brought back from their travels.

Thursdays from 16h-16.45h at Rotondes Bonnevoie (first class 21.03.2019)

Cycle of 6 sessions (excluding the easter holidays)
60 euros (*12€ with Kulturpass)

TICKETS HERE https://rotondes.lu/agenda/details/event/yoga-animals/

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